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10 Budget Wedding Tips

By on May 16, 2017

Weddings aren’t cheap, but they don’t have to put a huge dent in your bank account and have you paying back loans for months to come. Here are a few moneysaving wedding tips to consider.

1. Find a wedding venue that will allow you to provide your own catering. You’ll save £100’s. You could ask a local college for affordable catering staff to be waiters etc.

2. Consider hiring wedding attire (for the bride couple, best man etc) instead of buying and having e.g a dress specially made.

3. Have a buffet instead of a sit down meal.

4. Have wedding bubbles instead of confetti. They’re cheaper and will look pretty in pictures.

5. Have flower petals and candles on tables in the reception, instead of expensive flower arrangements.

6. Have a small intimate wedding. Cut down on your guest list. Have the guests you want. How about: inviting representatives from families (e.g not every adult cousin of your aunts and uncles); inviting family and friends who you’ve been in contact with in the past 12 months; not inviting everyone’s girlfriend and boyfriend. Yes, this might upset some people but who’s paying for the wedding! We’re living in expensive times where people are trying to save money. Just explain (if you need to) that you and your husband/wife to be have got a very limited budget but that you didn’t want that to stop you getting married.

7. Consider a morning or an afternoon wedding reception. A breakfast or brunch would be less expensive than dinner. Plus people would tend to drink less alcohol early in the afternoon than in the evening.

8. Keep beverage costs down by serving an alcoholic punch and a non-alcoholic punch.

9. If you choose to have an open bar, limit the cocktail hour then serve only wine (or punch) after that hour.

10. Make your own wedding favours:
e.g fill small favour boxes or organza bags with mint imperials or other sweets
– Place a personalised chocolate on each place setting
– Have a bowl of sweets in the centre of the table
– buy a lottery ticket for each adult place setting
– Have a medium sized organza bag with a few toys, colouring book and crayons/felt tips to occupy each child.

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